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A 16-day family vacation through the north of Thailand took us to Doi Intanon, Doi Chiang Dao and Doi Angkhang, and allowed us to find a few new birds and reconnect with plenty of old friends.

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The Great Thick Knee is an extremely shy bird which frequents sandbars and stony banks along large rivers. Photo by Mr. Peter Ericsson.

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A visit to Petchaburi province for the Chinese New Year Festival allowed me some time to visit Laem Pak Bia and twitch two lifers for my 2014 list, including Thailand's first ever record for Bay backed Shrike, found by Mr. Peter Ericsson.

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A two-day trip to Klong Saen and Laem Pak Bia over Christmas helped to extend the run of lifers for 2013 to 30 birds, highlighted by the sighting of a Himalayan Griffon Vulture.

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When someone mentions the term “wader” the first images that come to mind are birds which forage along a predominantly wet environment. Our Bird of the Month is one wader which prefers quite the opposite: the Northern Thick Knee.

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Baan Pak Talae, a quiet seaside community in Petchaburi, doesn't sound much like a prime birding site. However, this is the best location in Southeast Asia to twitch the endangered Spoon billed Sandpiper.

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This month’s spotlight is centered on a bird which is quite familiar to Europeans but still unknown to many Thai birders: the Eurasian Woodcock.

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