News and Information on Birding Sites Throughout Thailand and the Andaman

A day trip to Phang Nga netted us 42 species including highlights such as Banded Pitta, Chestnut naped Forktail and Spotted Wood Owl. -With Jarmo Komi

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A visit to Sri Phang Nga and Thai Muang National Park netted us 32 species of birds including River Lapwing, Spotted Wood Owl and Chinese Blue Flycatcher. -With Eliraz Dvir

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A two day trip to three national parks featured highlights such as Mangrove Pitta, Black and Red Broadbill, Brown winged Kingfisher and Chestnut naped Forktail. -With Gordon and Julie Mills

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A birding trip around Phang Nga on the 12th netted us 90 species - just 10 species shy of hitting the century mark. -With Eero Salo-oja from Finland.

Categories: Field Report
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