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Phuket lost its appeal as a birding destination decades ago, but that doesn’t mean that a little general birding can’t be enjoyed. To prove our point, we came up with a list of 64 "usual suspects" in a morning of birding.

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Four birds wanted: Great Argus, Stork billed Kingfisher, Bat Hawk and Grey headed Fish Eagle. Four birds twitched. -I call that a good day out!

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The House Crow is seen by many as a curse, an invasive species which is not only a nuisance among communities, but also carry diseases which can prove to be fatal in humans.

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The Asian Midwinter Waterbird Census is being held from the 15-30 of January in 2015. The Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST) is asking for volunteers to help survey the wetlands throughout the nation during that period.

As part of my contribution to the Asian Waterbird Census, I spent two days over the weekend surveying the waterfowl present at some of Phuket's best-known wetlands - and the result was not a pretty one.

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The Forest Nursery in Talang is a collection of secondary growth and forest plantation located near the airport. It holds some of the best remaining patches of forest on the island. -If only the same could be said for the birds found there.

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Phuket's oldest and most frequented public park is a place for recreation and relaxation, but not for birding. -Unless you are a photographer and are happy with capturing the common species on film.

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A two-day trip to the Surin Islands failed to produce sightings of Beach thick Knee, but still resulted in almost 50 species seen, along with one lifer.

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A two day trip to Sri Phang Nga allowed us to find three species of braodbills, two species of woodpecker and a beautiful Banded Pitta. -With Nigel Marvin

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An eight-day photographic tour of northern Thailand and other sites started with a successful stopover at Sri Phang Nga where Banded Pitta, Chestnut naped Forktail and other excellent species were captured on film. -With Hans van den Brink.

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