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The Long tailed Broadbill is the fashion statement of the broadbill family and easily trumps as the most colorful of all broadbills in Thailand.

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The Bar backed Partridge is a cute-and-cuddly ball of fluff which can be found in forests throughout the north and central regions.

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The Banded Broadbill is a medium-sized broadbill and endemic to forests throughout Southeast Asia. Loss of habitat is threatening this beautiful bird, and its status is listed as Vulnerable in the IUCN Redlist.

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Baan Song Nok is well-known among the birdwatching community as a place to photograph and view over 150 fantastic bird species.

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Tits are marvelous little songbirds, loved by many but considered pests by some. This month we would like to introduce the King of Tits, the Sultan Tit.

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Two popular sites for bird photography in the kingdom, Mae Wong and Kaeng Krachan National Parks, were visited in November. -With Hans Van den Brink.

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