News and Information on Birding Sites Throughout Thailand and the Andaman

Our first expedition for 2015 took us to Koh Pratong Island where we twitched the ultra-rare Cinnamon Headed Green Pigeon and Lesser Adjutant. -With Andrew Pierce.

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A 16-day family vacation through the north of Thailand took us to Doi Intanon, Doi Chiang Dao and Doi Angkhang, and allowed us to find a few new birds and reconnect with plenty of old friends.

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Sri Phang Nga National Park kept us busy for the whole day and we encountered dozens of fantastic birds including kingfishers, pittas, broadbills and even a frogmouth -with Nigel Hartley and Marcus I'anson.

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Any trip with Banded Pitta on the books is a good trip. -Throw in Mangrove Pitta, Orange headed Thrush. Lesser Fish Eagle and Crested Jay and suddenly it becomes a party! -With Wilson and Peggy Dring

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