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A three-day trip around central and northeastern Thailand in search of the White browed Fantail led us to visit a new site and netted five lifers for my lists -with Peter Ericsson.

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The Black headed Woodpecker is no doubt the most colorful of all woodpeckers in Thailand and one which looks like it was borrowed from a Disney cartoon.

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Baan Pak Talae, a quiet seaside community in Petchaburi, doesn't sound much like a prime birding site. However, this is the best location in Southeast Asia to twitch the endangered Spoon billed Sandpiper.

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Everyone loves to see a pitta and this month’s special is one of the shyest of all pitta in Thailand: the Rusty naped Pitta.

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A New Years trip to Bangkok nets me my first Spoon billed Sandpiper and a host of other excellent birds during a family vacation.

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