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A day photographing around Ao Phang Nga was highlighted by appearances of Mangrove Pitta, Collared Kingfisher, Black and Red Broadbill and Spotted Wood Owl. -With Peter van Velzen

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Phuket lost its appeal as a birding destination decades ago, but that doesn’t mean that a little general birding can’t be enjoyed. To prove our point, we came up with a list of 64 "usual suspects" in a morning of birding.

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A two day trip to three national parks featured highlights such as Mangrove Pitta, Black and Red Broadbill, Brown winged Kingfisher and Chestnut naped Forktail. -With Gordon and Julie Mills

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A trip through Phang Nga and Klong Saen allowed us to find a number of excellent species with highlights such as Bushy Crested Hornbill, Oriental Hobby, Banded Pitta, Chestnut napped Forktail, Brown Winged Kingfisher and Spotted Wood Owl.

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We have complied a list of stakeouts of special birds which can be found in southern Thailand, posted for the benefit of birdwatchers who may be planning a trip and are assessing their options. –Happy hunting!

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A tour of various sites in Phang Nga offer a variety of specialties such as Orange breasted Trogon, Spotted Wood Owl, Banded Pitta and Brown winged Kingfisher.

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From the 8-14 of September I undertook a week-long photographic tour of south Thailand with Stan Lee, Leung Kam Hung, Tse Wai Tung and Lee Chak Ming, members of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society.

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A first of three wet season trips for September, from the 1st to the 7th, K.C Kong and I took a 1300-kilometer trip through southern Thailand in search of resident birds to photograph.

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