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With the heat rising and the dry season in full swing, birding has improved and many species of birds are beginning their breeding cycle. A day around Sri Phang Nga proved just that.

Krung Ching Waterfall, a substation on Khao Luang National Park, ranks as one of the best birdwatching sites in southern Thailand. With over 360 species found in the park, it is a place few birders would want to pass up.

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A three-day trip to Krung Ching netted us a huge collection of special birds, with Malaysian Rail Babbler, Red crowned Barbet, Maroon breasted Philentoma and Green Broadbill among the headlights.

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Sri Phang Nga National Park kept us busy for the whole day and we encountered dozens of fantastic birds including kingfishers, pittas, broadbills and even a frogmouth -with Nigel Hartley and Marcus I'anson.

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From the 14-21 I joined Y.H Tong, Chan Ruth, Raymond Lui and F.W Wong on an eight-day journey through the south to photograph some resident species during the wet season.

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From the 8-14 of September I undertook a week-long photographic tour of south Thailand with Stan Lee, Leung Kam Hung, Tse Wai Tung and Lee Chak Ming, members of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society.

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A first of three wet season trips for September, from the 1st to the 7th, K.C Kong and I took a 1300-kilometer trip through southern Thailand in search of resident birds to photograph.

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A two day trip to Sri Phang Nga allowed us to find three species of braodbills, two species of woodpecker and a beautiful Banded Pitta. -With Nigel Marvin

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