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A day photographing around Ao Phang Nga was highlighted by appearances of Mangrove Pitta, Collared Kingfisher, Black and Red Broadbill and Spotted Wood Owl. -With Peter van Velzen

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A two day trip to three national parks featured highlights such as Mangrove Pitta, Black and Red Broadbill, Brown winged Kingfisher and Chestnut naped Forktail. -With Gordon and Julie Mills

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Watering holes in the forest are a lifesaver for hundreds of thirsty birds and animals during the dry season. Finding one is no easy task but once discovered, can be a fantastic place for spotting dozen of fantastic birds and other wildlife.

A trip to Sri Phang Nga and Klong Saen ends with sightings of Oriental Hobby, Bat Hawk, Red Bearded Bee Eater, Banded Pitta and a surprise entree: Malayan Tapir! -With Alan and Val Greggains.

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Krung Ching Waterfall, a substation on Khao Luang National Park, ranks as one of the best birdwatching sites in southern Thailand. With over 360 species found in the park, it is a place few birders would want to pass up.

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A photographic expedition focusing on quality shots of pittas ends with two pitta and a number of other excellent birds caught on film. -With Hans Van den Brink.

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Three pittas, the Malaysian Rail Babbler and dozens of other excellent birds highlighted a recent four day trip through three national parks in southern Thailand. -With Harry and Anita Miller.

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Sri Phang Nga National Park kept us busy for the whole day and we encountered dozens of fantastic birds including kingfishers, pittas, broadbills and even a frogmouth -with Nigel Hartley and Marcus I'anson.

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Having just acquired a new lens, I was eager to put it through its paces in the field - the first test came on a cloudy day at Sri Phang Nga, with the gorgeous Hooded Pitta as my subject.

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