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Our Bird of the Month for August showcases a White Gorgeted Flycatcher, a resident bird of the mountains of continental Thailand.

The White Gorgeted Flycatcher Anthipes monileger is a typical flycatcher at 13 cm. long. While its name suggests it eats only insects, the bird also has an appetite for worms and grubs as well. Listed as an uncommon resident of the kingdom, the bird is restricted to forests between 1000 – 2000 meters in elevation. Its elusive, skulking behavior makes it a difficult bird to find. It likes to hang out near water and can often be found preying on insects near small streams and damp patches of earth.

The White Gorgeted Flycatcher  is not a particularly fashionable or splashy-looking creature. The bird is best identified by the diagnostic triangle-shaped patch of white which extends from the base of the bill down to the throat. A sharp black line outlines the entire patch of white and clearly demarcates the throat from the brown chest and flanks. The bird also has a whitish eyebrow which contrasts against its brownish crown. A rufescent streak on the primaries and upper tail add a finishing touch to this simply-dressed bird.

Like other flycatcher species, when alarmed or disturbed the bird emits a sharp, metallic tik.

The White Gorgeted Flycatcher is found throughout continental southeast Asia and southern China as far west as the Indian subcontinent. Due to its highly elusive habits the bird is not easily encountered and therefore listed as uncommon throughout its range. However, due to its wide range and lack of disturbance and other threats the IUCN ranks it as Least Concern.

In Thailand the bird is difficult to find but it has been found in several locations such as Mae Wong National Park in the central region, Phu Luang in Loei province of northeastern Thailand and Doi Lang in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

This bird was photographed by Mr. Peter Ericsson at Doi Intanon National Park, Thailand’s highest mountain.

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