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Now isn’t this a darling!

Our Bird of the Month for July is the pint-sized, cute-and-cuddly looking Bar backed Partridge.

The Bar Backed Partridge Arborophila brunneopectus is a terrestrial bird. It is between 26-28 cm long and is found in forests throughout continental Southeast Asia and as far north as Sichuan province in southern China. Like other species in its genus, it is a gregarious bird, traveling and foraging in small groups of four to seven individuals. Being a ground feeder, the bird has large, oversized feet and a short but sturdy bill, both of which are put to good use while foraging the earth for seeds, fallen fruits, insects and grubs.

The Bar backed Partridge is a true piece of artwork in itself. The face of the bird is distinct in that it has a broad white brow which stretches from the bill clear down to the nape of the neck. The chin and throat and cheek are also white. A thick black line separates the two patches of white from the other. A patch of reddish skin around the eye adds a final dash of color to this striking facial pattern.

The Bar backed Partridge is brownish grey throughout with a bold black and white barring on the flanks and a flush of chestnut and pied barring on the back.

The Bar backed Partridge is not a rare bird, yet at the same time it is not easily seen. Being small in size and the perfect snack for a hungry predator, this bird prefers to stay within the safety of the foliage. The IUCN Redbook notes that the species is in decline, suffering from lack of habitat and hunting; however, the decline is incremental and the body believes that the bird is still fairly safe for the time being, which is why it is ranked as Least Concern.

In Thailand, this bird is found throughout the north and central regions. Most birders who are after this species will find their quarry at either Mae Wong or Kaeng Krachan National Park, the latter being the easier place to spot the birds due to the establishment of watering and feeding stations in the area.

Peter Ericsson took this shot from a blind at a site outside Kaeng Krachan National Park.

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