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Birdwatching Sites in Northeastern Thailand

– Phu Singh – Phu Pa Peung Forest Park (Amnat Charoen)

– Khao Kardong Forest Park (Buri Ram)

– Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary (Chaiyaphum)

– Sai Tong National Park (Chaiyaphum)

– Tatorn National Park (Chaiyaphum)

– Phu Pawua Forest Park (Kalasin)

– Phu Faek Forest Park (Kalasin)

– Phu Pra Forest Park (Kalasin)

– Nam Phong National Park (Khon Kaen)

– Phu Wiang National Park (Khon Kaen)

– Pa Luang Waterfall Forest Park (Khon Kaen)

– Na Haeo National Park (Loei)

– Phu Reua National Park (Loei)

– Phu Pa Maan National Park (Loei)

– Phu Kradeung National Park (Loei)

– Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary (Loei)

– Hai Rirak Forest Park (Loei)

– Huay Lao  Forest Park (Loei)

– Phu Bo Bit Forest Park (Loei)

– Phu Palom Forest Park (Loei)

– Suan Hin Pa Ngam Forest Park (Loei)

– Tum Saeng – Tum Prommawat Forest Park (Loei)

– Chi Long Forest Park (Maha Sarakham)

– Kosampee Forest Park (Maha Sarakham)

– Mukdahan National Park (Mukdahan)

– Huai Huat National Park (Nakorn Panom)

– Khao Yai National Park (Nakorn Rachasima)

– Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve (Nakorn Rachasima)

– Phu Pa Daeng Forest Park (Nong Bua Lampu)

– Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary (Nong Khai)

– Beung Khong Long Non-Hunting Area and Waterfowl Sanctuary (Nong Khai)

– Beung Khut Ting Waterfowl Sanctuary (Nong Khai)

– Pa Nam Thip Non-Hunting Area (Roi Et)

– Phu Paan National Park (Sakorn Nakorn)

– Pa Son Nong Khu Forest Park (Surin)

– Panom Sawai Forest Park (Surin)

– Kaeng Tana National Park (Ubon Ratchathani)

– Pataem National Park (Ubon Ratchathani)

– Phu Chong Na-Yoi National Park (Ubon Ratchathani)

– Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park (Ubon Ratchathani)

– Pha Luang Forest Park (Ubon Ratchathani)

– Nong Han Kumphawapi Marsh (Udorn Thani)

– Phu Prabaht Bua Bok Forest Park (Udorn Thani)

– Than Ngam Forest Park (Udorn Thani)

– Wang Sam Mo Forest Park (Udorn  Thani)

Note: Text reviews are not complete for sites marked with an asterisk.

The list is organized alphabetically in order of the provinces where the sites are located. Reviews for some sites are currently in the works or have been postponed to a later date. If you are in need of specific information which pertains to a site which is not reviewed, please contact me by e-mail and I will try to assist with whatever information I have available.

Birding in Northeastern Thailand

The northeast is a large plateau which is mostly comprised of dry, sandy soil. Much of the land has been deforested for centuries, and 80% of the population ply their trade as farmers. Droughts are commonplace in the summers and in the monsoon season, flooding is an all-too common occurrence. Mudslides often occur around deforested hills, resulting in loss of many lives, property and livelihood.

Few specialities are found in this area as most species found in the plains of the northeast are open-country birds which are also present throughout most of Thailand. The bulk of the birding sites are religated to the areas which are still forested, mostly around the northwest and southeastern areas near the borders with Laos and Cambodia. The decline in bird species can be attributed to the active appetities of the local peoples who are known to literally eat anything that moves. Knowing this helps to answer the question as to why the resources of the region are in such short supply.

[To view a map of all the birdwatching locations in Northeastern Thailand, click here]

Few birders ever venture into this region of Thailand and those who do usually frequent the national parks along the Khao Yai – Dong Payayen Forest Complex in the southeast or the forest along the Yom river in the northwest. National Parks which are found in these areas include Khao Yai, Pu Reua and Pu Kradeung National Parks. The most well-known of all the parks and perhaps the most frequented of any forest reserve in the country is Khao Yai, in Nakorn Rachasima province. Khao Yai National Park was the first site to be granted national park status in Thailand and remains one of the most important centers of conservation for wildlife in the country.

Birds which are restricted to this region of the country include Siamese Fireback, Bar bellied Pitta, Coral billed Ground Cuckoo, Mekong Wagtail and Austen’s Brown Hornbill. A recent and most exciting addition to this list was the discovery of Blue naped Pitta from Loei in 2009.

Other excellent species which are easier to find in the northeast than in other regions of Thailand include Great Thick-Knee, Eared Pitta, Blue Pitta and Silver Pheasant.

The northeast has been populated by the Tai peoples for thousands of years.

The Northeast is comprised of 19 provinces: Amnat Charoen, Buri Ram, Chaiyaphum, Kalasin, Khon Kaen, Loei, Maha Sarakham, Mukdahan, Nakhon Phanom, Nakhon Ratchasima, Nong Bua Lamphu, Nong Khai, Roi Et, Sakon Nakhon, Sisaket, Surin, Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani and Yasothon.

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