News and Information on Birding Sites Throughout Thailand and the Andaman

This is by no means a comprehensive list of links and I’ll be updating it regularly whenever I come across something new.

-Thai Birdwatching Sites, Clubs and Local Information

Nick Upton’s Thailand Birdwatching Site: The most helpful and in-depth guide to birding in the Kingdom. Nick Upton went to great lengths to document and describes in detail a number of quality birding sites, complete with maps, travel details, recent sighting reports and more; this site is an invaluable source of up-to-date information for birders visiting the kingdom.

Bird Conservation Society of Thailand: BCST is home of the Thailand Birding Club, which provides bird reports, news and information as well as organizes birding tours throughout the country. A recent and updated list of the birds of Thailand can be downloaded at their site.

BCST also runs a birding forum in Thai (and sometimes in English) which offers free advice to birders about where to find rare birds or special migrants which may be in the local area. Since the site is mostly in Thai, most foreign birders may have a hard time finding anything useful due to the language barrier, thus my apologies.

National Parks of Thailand: This is the Ministry’s Official Site which offers information on the various protected parks throughout the country and is the place to contact if you wish to arrange lodging or obtain permits to visit specialized locations. -Also a good place to send your comments and insight regarding the parks you may have visited on your trip.

– Local Blogs

Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok pens a fantastic birding blog which touches on many facets of birdwatching in the country, interspersed with hundreds of beautiful photographs. His topics range from locality reviews to identification tips on those “little brown jobs”. – Highly recommended.

Peter Ericsson’s Thai Birder Blog is a small representation of the sheer volume of time Peter spends birding and photographing birds in the kingdom. -Well worth the time and includes plenty of great photography.

Dave Sargeant’s North Thailand Birding website offers trip reports, photos, site reviews and updated information on birdwatching in the north. Dave is based in Mae Hong Son and has a keen knowledge of the birds in the region.

Local birder Manod Taengtum has a website which features information and photographs of birds from the 11 lower northern provinces. Although much of the information is in Thai, the photos are lovely to look at.

Dave Gandy’s Bangkok City Birding covers his birding adventures in the Greater Bangkok area (and other sites as well) and contains plenty of lovely photos.

Gerry Brett’s Birds of Thailand and Beyond offers interesting news from a birding enthusiast who lives outside Bangkok.

-Local Conservation Projects

Yonok Wetlands Project: A unique area of wetland bordering Nong Bong Kai Wildlife Sanctuary in Chiang Rai which is home to River Tern and Grass Owl, two species found nowhere else in Thailand. Thanks to Mick and Dowroong, the local community has stepped up to combat the threat of hunting and are working to preserve this hallowed site.

-Thai Bird Photos

Peter Ericsson’s Photo Gallery contains photos of birds from his trips throughout Thailand as well as birds from other countries around the world. Any person who has spent time photographing wildlife knows how hard it is to get a good shot, so take that into consideration when you are browsing through the photos.

Ian Dugdale has assembled an impressive display of photos of not only birds but also mammals, insects, reptiles and other creatures which can be seen in Phuket and the surrounding areas. His painstaking work has taken him to numerous sites throughout the country in search of many elusive species. The website is the perfect place for those attempting to identify an animal or bird they may have seen in the course of their stay in Thailand.

The Oriental Bird Club Image Database has photographs of over 1890 species and is a good place to start if you have a hard time identifying a particular specimen that you couldn’t make out in the field guide.

-International Birding Sites and Forums

Surfbirds: A wealth of information, photos, checklists, calls and more, all geared towards the birding community. For those who are interested in a bit of competition, you can post your lifers lists up and see how you compare to others in the local birding community! To go directly to the Thai lists, click here.

Oriental Bird Club: The best site for all those brainy birders who love to read up about ornithology and other bird-related scientific stuff, all in relation to the continent of Asia.

A comprehensive library of bird calls can be downloaded from Xeno Canto for free. Most of the calls are supplied by local birders from around the world and while the quality may not always be pristine, it may help in identifying an unknown species from a day out in the field.

– International Birdwatching Partners

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