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First off, I would like readers to understand that I am not a guide and is not a bird guiding or bird tour related company. The website is a hobby of mine which I designed to assist birdwatchers who are interested in birding on their own in southern Thailand or throughout the kingdom. On occasion, when dates and schedules are favorable, I have been blessed with the opportunity to accompany birders in the field and assist in identifying the birds and mammal species we encounter. However, in most circumstances I will forward your request for guiding to a bird company or local guide to handle.

Competent bird guides are difficult to find in Thailand and those with a proficient level of English speaking skills are even harder to come by. As such, I highly recommend that you book your trip well in advance if you are hoping to find a guide who will meet your level of expectations. Showing up out of the blue or inquiring two or three weeks before your arrival makes it very difficult for me to arrange a bird guide and you will most likely be forwarded to a local guide.

Following is a brief compilation of birdwatching guides and tour companies which I personally recommend.  All tours can be custom-tailored to the needs and demands of the birders. This is by no means a complete list and I will be updating this and adjusting it from time to time.

Note: There are many other guides and bird-related tour agencies which offer their services in the kingdom whose names are not listed in this post, most likely because I have not personally met the guides or have used their services. This however, does not in any way mean that I do not recommend them or their services. As I mentioned previously, there are talented and professional guides in the country which offer bird guiding services and I would like to encourage visitors to spend some time browsing the web to find a guide who you feel comfortable with and who will help you find the birds you are seeking. 

South Thailand Birdwatching  specializes in sites throughout the south and along the west coast as well as other places throughout the country. The itinerary is flexible according to the desires of the birder. The group is based in Phuket and has literally thousands of hours experience in birding at all the major sites throughout southern Thailand, from Sri Phang Nga, to Krung Ching and Hala Bala. -Highly recommended.

Guide Paan is a Bangkok-based bird guide who offers both bird watching and photographic tours throughout Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

Yothin Meekaeo is known to many as the key to finding the elusive and highly endangered Gurneys Pitta. A native of Krabi, Mr. Yothin is undoubtedly one of the top bird guides in the country and the best man to contact when trying to unlock the secrets of Khao Nor Chuchi, home of the Gurneys Pitta and perhaps one of the most difficult birdwatching locations in Thailand.

Birding2asia is a company which offers birding tours all over Thailand and Southeast Asia. Their tour leaders are professional birdwatchers with hundreds of hours of on-site experience. They also offer free birding information on their website.

– For those taking birding trips to the north or Central Plans of Thailand who need information on various birding sites, I would suggest you contact Mr. Peter Ericsson, a birder  with almost two decades worth of experience in Thai birding. Mr. Peter is a personal friend of mine who introduced me to birding many years ago. He runs the Central Thailand Mission, a charity affiliated with the U.S based Family Care Foundation. Mr. Peter has seen over 800 of Thailand’s 1,000+ species and has a keen knowledge of many of Thailand’s prime birding sites.

If you would like more information, please contact me by e-mail and I’d be happy to discuss any topics related to birding in Phuket or other southern sites with you.

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