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It's been a fantastic journey and we've enjoyed every twist and turn in this adventure ... but we're now reaching the end of the ride and it's going to be time to say goodbye. UPDATED

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The Blue winged Pitta is a common monsoon season visitor which is found all throughout Thailand from the months of April through October.

While in Bangkok on a business trip I was able to twitch one of two very special migrant visitors to the kingdom, a bird rarely seen in Southeast Asia: the Dusky Thrush.

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A day photographing around Ao Phang Nga was highlighted by appearances of Mangrove Pitta, Collared Kingfisher, Black and Red Broadbill and Spotted Wood Owl. -With Peter van Velzen

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A three-day trip to the wilderness of Klong Saeng and Sri Phang Nga found us six species of hornbill and some fabulous specialties such as Helmeted Hornbill and Grey headed Fish Eagle.

With the heat rising and the dry season in full swing, birding has improved and many species of birds are beginning their breeding cycle. A day around Sri Phang Nga proved just that.

Phuket lost its appeal as a birding destination decades ago, but that doesn’t mean that a little general birding can’t be enjoyed. To prove our point, we came up with a list of 64 "usual suspects" in a morning of birding.

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There are 11 species of birds listed as "Critically Endangered" on the IUCN Redlist for Thailand. What are they, where are they found and can they still be seen in the country?

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