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If you are looking for information regarding birding or birdwatching sites in southern Thailand, you’ve come to the right place!  This website was launched a few years ago with the intent to offer free advice and information regarding birdwatching locations in the south, many of which are still unknown to birders in the international community and even locally. We offer free information on birdwatching locations, contact to local guides in the region, a comprehensive list of trip reports to various sites in southern Thailand, and up-to-date news of events and happenings within the local birding community. -And MORE!

A little about myself: I took up birdwatching as a hobby back in 1999 when I was living in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. At the time I was an avid cyclist and trekker and loved the outdoors, so the idea of adding birdwatching to the list of outdoor activities was intriguing to say the least. I spent hundreds of hours meandering through forest trails with my bike and binoculars and the more time I spent doing it, the more I came to enjoy birding.

The north was the perfect place to start my birding career and I soon became familiar with many of the species in the region. After only three short years I’d racked up a list of almost 350 lifers and started to feel a bit bored so I decided to travel a bit and see if I could broaden my perspectives by relocating to another region of Thailand. After a short while my travels took me to Phuket, where I met my wife, got married and settled down. Since then I have “let down my roots” and made this tropical paradise my home.

Since I have spent thousands of hours birding throughout the country, I realized that perhaps I could be of assistance to others by jotting down my experiences and thoughts on the matter and posting them in a blog for birders interested in visiting the country. With time the blog evolved until it became a website.  Originally I began with reviews of birding locations along the west coast and from there it grew to southern Thailand and now I have even added a few sites in the north and central regions. As we move on, I really can’t predict how big this project will become in the future, but we will continue to add more information and updates to the site and hope that it will blossom into something beautiful that will be a benefit to many.

It is my desire to be of assistance to birders visiting this amazing country and anyone interested in learning about a location which is not reviewed on this website is free to contact me at my address below. I am by no means a professional ornithologist and still have a lot to learn when it comes to birds, identification, calls and behavior. However, that will not stop me from being of assistance where and when I can; if I am not familiar with the issue, I will be sure to forward you to someone who knows more about the matter than I.

Before closing I would like to acknowledge Peter Ericsson, Weine Drotz, Hermann Drotz and Ian Dugdale for allowing me to use their photos on this site; Begnt Legnell and Peter Ericsson are credited with sparking my interest in birdwatching; Stjin De Win of Birding2Asia offered advice on the website content and design; Anton Schnell provided binoculars and funded survey trips to new locations; Peter Ericsson, “Games” Punjapa Petsri and Ian Dugdale allow their trip reports to be published on this site.

I would also like to appreciate Dr. Robert DiCandido and Chukiat Nualsri for allowing us to post photos and news from the annual Chumporn Raptor Festival on our site. -Also a word of appreciation to Mr. Phillip Round who takes time from his busy schedule to answer my questions regarding the technical side of birdwatching.

You can contact me at my email address:

Thanks for checking out the site! I hope you find it helpful in planning your birdwatching getaway into this fabulous, bird-rich country.

Ike Suriwong

Webmaster, birding enthusiast and nature lover

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    Special Thanks to Peter Ericsson, Ian Dugdale, Weine Drotz and Hermann Drotz for contributing their photos to this website. All photos displayed in this website are used with permission from the owner.
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